About Us:

Stratus Global is a solutions development company operating in the transportation and supply chain sector. As a non asset-based 3PL, we offer a variety services including third-party logistics, warehousing, consulting, and carrier management.
SGL’s knowledgeable team boasts over 50 years of professional experience within the logistics industry. We use our expertise to develop innovative, client-specific proposals that deliver results.

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Why we do it

Our Mission:

Stratus Global Logistics, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with tailored logistical solutions for business within a complex global supply chain.

We strive to enhance operational optimization resulting in an increased bottom-line for our clientele.

Our sole organizational purpose is to create and foster customer peace of mind in areas where headaches typically exist.

Stratus Global pledges to eliminate the negative stigma commonly associated with third-party logistics providers by always acting within the clients’ best interests.

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Core Values: 

Customer Focus
Our number one priority will always be our clients. We believe the needs of the customer should always precede any other internal or external objectives.
We are committed to operating with the highest standard of honesty and integrity throughout every aspect of business. Our mission is to embody the principles outlined in The Golden Rule at all times.
Stratus Global is not a company that settles. SGL will perpetually strive to expand its capabilities and capacity in order to continuously improve service to our customers. Our company intends to facilitate growth in size, brand recognition, and goods/services offered.
Stratus Global recognizes the importance of strategy in relation to organizational decisions and solution development for our clients. We acknowledge that the easiest solution to a problem is often far from the best. The ability to analyze and evaluate multiple variables enables us to exceed customer expectations.
Constant communication and transparency are key elements that we incorporate to promote an environment of trust within our business partnerships.
We take pride in our ability to create and leverage mutually beneficial partnerships in order to bring value to all parties involved. Our company is built on cultivating lifelong partnerships versus short-term dealings.